Life and Legend of Juro Jánošík,

The Treasure on Rozsutec Mountain


In the rocks of Rozsutec there is also hidden treasure. Where then?

Nobody knows today. A stone mason from Liptov knew where, but he was unable to hold his tongue and paid for it dearly.

They say it happened this way:

In the mountainous region of Strečno, Jánošik’s men robbed some dishonest merchants from žilina, some of their plunder they gave to the poor, some they spent for fun in a Terchová tavern, and some they decided to hide in a hole in the rocks below Rozsutec.

Jánošik peered at the hiding place and said “Boys, I find something wrong with this hiding place. It should be made more secure. Maybe we should seal it up with a wall.”

Well then! But none of the outlaws were able to build a wall correctly. Easy help came:

The outlaws ran back down to the main road in the Váh Valley and that evening they brought with them a stone mason from the region of Liptov who was on his way home from the week’s work.

“You will wall up this hole,” Jánošik said to him. “You’ll fix a door there and we’ll lock it and take the keys with us.”

When he saw the mason looking around the hole incredulously, he added. “I won’t conceal it from you that we are hiding treasure here for future times. It would be good if you forgot this place forever. I will reward you for it.”

The mason with the outlaws’ help finished the work by the morning, and Jánošik poured him out more gold pieces than he had earned during the whole summer.

“Do you swear you’ll never disclose this hiding place?”

The mason gave his word. But after he left, Jánošik said ”Boys, I found something wrong with that man, go and test him.”

Adamčik and Surovčik were ready in a short while. They disguised themselves as workers, and took a short cut to the mason’s way and stopped hm.

“Where are you coming from and what were you doing there?” they asked him.

“I can’t say, fellows” said the mason “Because if I disclosed it to you, it would cost me my head.” But they continued to prod him, where had he earned such a pouch of money?

The mason did not want to say for anything in the world. Only after he had finished three bottles of Boroviča with his new friends, his mind turned dark, his tongue was loosened, and he divulged to them that he had sealed up some treasure that night in a hole below Rozsutec. 

“And so what?’ the two prodded him ”What good is it to you if you can never find the place again.”

“Me?” the drunken mason did not want to look foolish. “You say I won’t find it. We’ll wait until morning. I’ll have a sleep and then I’ll take you there.”

Indeed, before midday the three of them stood among the rocks of Rozsutec. Suddenly Jánošik appeared in front of them.

“You broke your oath, mason!” he said. “You promised you’d forget this place. I rewarded you richly and you did this. You can never return from here.”

The outlaws tied the mason up. Then they opened the door that he had fixed there himself, threw him onto the chests he coveted and shut the door.

It is said that the mason’s ghost still watches over the hidden treasure today. But nobody knows the exact place in the rocks of Rozsutec. But, what if someone is able to catch the sound of his screams and groans? Will he also find the treasure?

Some people say that probably it will be someone born on St. John’s Eve at midnight. Then later, during St. John’s Eve, he will come to Rozsutec and, if he hears the sounds, dismantle the wall before dawn. But that person must not forget to take up Jánošik’s hatchet, planted somewhere near the top of the mountain, and continue the settling of wrongs and injustices.


A book, Jánošík, Jánošík... written by Anton Marec, translated into English by Tatiana Strnadová and John Doyle and published in 1995 by Matica Slovenská, contains 33 tales of this famous outlaw captain. The information in this book was used to create this story. Check in the future for other stories.